Life Coach | Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer | Group exercise practitioner

Originator of Mellikof Core Conditioning

  • Personal trainer advanced YMCA LEVEL 3
  • Personal trainer advanced NASM LEVEL 3
  • Personal trainer advanced NASM LEVEL 3 Junior athlete
  • Pilates instructor advanced CYQ LEVEL 3
  • Stott Pilates trained
  • Fitness pilates trained LEVEL 2
  • Circuit instructor LEVEL 2
  • Gym instructor LEVEL 2
  • Yoga moves LEVEL 2

Trained in

  • Shaolin 5 animal Kung Fu
  • Wing Chun
  • Korean kickboxing,
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing

Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics

Mellikof Core Conditioning (Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics) is a distillation of every training method I have ever learnt. From the time I spent with choreographers as a young musician, my years of martial arts, training, philosophies of five different schools of personal training that I studied under.

12,000 hours of time in the class, the gym, in the pool house or in the park where I have trained everybody from gold medalists to first division footballers, stunt women, to channel swimmers. Clients of all ages and walks of life.

I have always kept all useful training techniques, my experience has led me to meticulous observation, observing millions of repetitions of human movement, and I am checking for, three-dimensional symmetry dalliances even movements.

Whether the client is, standing, kneeling supine, prone, walking or running.

I am particularly focused on improving spinal mobility, in flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion, and the muscles that facilitate those movements.

My Exercises are all low impact or no impact focusing on bodyweight, flexibility, posture, ease of movement, core endurance stability, and generating deep abdominal compression.

My weird brain, as you will soon realise after a number of classes with me, allows me an unusual memory. I have a terrible short term memory and so if I need to remember anything I commit to long- term memory and so I am bursting with a irrelevant facts as well as every useful thing I have ever learnt from studying.

All muscles are held in a reciprocal balance with an antagonistic opposite. Any muscle that contracts, has one or more muscle lengthening to allow the movement. This balance is all over your body, like ropes pulleys and rigging on the masts of a ship.

My training System is designed to balance these musculoskeletal relationships, stretch and strengthen the entire body in a tough fun and safe circuit of the different zones of the body, each zone punctuated with the rest period. As you will see it really works on all ages shape sizes and sexes.

Traditional Pilates

If you prefer a slower more steady pace my traditional Pilates class, whilst still my own take on the original, is still a great way to get results in a friendly fun safe environment with busy people just like you.

My clients are beloved to me and often have come to me for many years, I know their children their husbands/wives.

There is a friendly supportive atmosphere in all my classes and we all give a collective cheer when one of us reaches our goals.

My clients reach their goals

We don’t start off super human, it’s something we become after to sessions per week.
That’s what she did… and that’s all she did.

This lady is now slim, however she also strong and flexible too. In her late 30s, not luckier or naturally slimmer, than anybody else –
But eating natural unprocessed, healthy food. She was once, much heavier than she wanted to be and asked a colleague how it was that they were so toned, the colleague replied – Mellikof core conditioning (dynamic Pilates & calisthenics)

Many of my clients want that classic dancers body strong flexible long and lean.

Achieving this fantastic new shape wasn’t sorcery, just focused effort at the right time, chasing two children is a lot easier when you never get out of breath.

Two classes per week soon adds up

The Mellikof training system works on all ages

these two ladies are over 60 and they have no trouble keeping up with the dynamic class. Stamina strength and flexibility are not diminished by age, however results are still clearly visible despite the years.

And with the duties of a busy grandma…

One of the best things about training in a group is the camaraderie and supportive atmosphere we have. We attract kind hardworking students with busy lives who need to get it done in a hurry and to decompress in a friendly atmosphere with other like minded people, to workout and laugh together.

The similarity in shape is not an accident…

Mellikof total-body conditioning gives the same long lean, look, as seen in pilates, yoga & dance gymnastics. The constant flow of movement stretch and ballance forms this physique.

July Timetable

Live classes at the  cowshed Studio*
Hammes Barn, Washington Road, Steyning, BN44 3DA

*Due to COVID-19 all live classes are appointment only
You must bring your own Mats and blocks


09:15 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
The Cowshed Studio

11:00 Traditional’ish Pilates
Zoom Class

19:00 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
Zoom class


09:30 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
Zoom class

18:00 Traditional’ish Pilates
Zoom Class

19:00 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
Zoom class


14:00 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
The Cowshed Studio


11:00 Traditional’ish Pilates
Zoom class

14:00 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
The Cowshed Studio

19:30 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
Zoom class


11:00 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
Zoom class


10:30 Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics
Zoom class


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