“Do you wonder if you’re 20 year-old trainer looks good because they know what they’re talking about, or do you suspect it’s because they’re 20?

I’m 46 and I will reveal the secrets of how to stay healthy and fit into your middle age and beyond”


One of the most destructive things you can think, is that you are separate from other human beings, that your problems are unique and unconquerable, that other people can look fantastic and you can’t, to believe you are not powerful enough to achieve your goals. Your goals are much nearer than you think and your goals require a lot less effort than you think, you just need to have faith in your practise and to practise repetition. I am here to guide you and to show you how to work out intelligently, to get the maximum effect and make the biggest changes in your life, it’s much nearer than you think.

To new people in my class, I often say: “did they warn you at reception about this class, no?” Their usual respose it “It’s ok, I’ve done pilates for years!”- to which I reply “I won’t help you” – and everyone laughs. Let me clarify before you think I am a monster; in every Yoga, Pilates, Ti Chu, Kung fu, body weight class, Callanetics or circuit class there is always a section about 2 minutes long that make your arms, legs, abs, back, bum burn and my plan is to find what ever exercise made you feel like this and then slowly move them all into my class so that all your body would burn and ache – but I had some special rules.

No high impact, no leaping about and no bad postures, basically I have collected & designed exercises guaranteed to give you a dancer’s body, or yoga body that is long lean, flexible, strong and less prone to injury.

Using a great deal of scientific research, years of experience with biomechanics and studying human movement I have fused all the most effective bodyweight exercises, flexibility exercises, dance conditioning moves all into one hour. It is especially effective those of you who want to feel like you do after your jogging, kickboxing, cycling, spinning or circuit training classes but have long suspected that all that high-impact might not be the best for your joints or your posture.